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“I recently graduated from the College of Creative Studies with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, majoring in Illustration. Since graduation I have joined the talented group of tattoo artist at Iconic Tattoo and their sister shop XS Tattoo. With the technical training I gained from my schooling and being in the tattoo shop environment, it has influenced my creative process making the subject matter front and center in my work. I work in many different mediums; some include relief printing, oil painting, to digital illustrations and of course ink work and tattooing.”

“My artwork has been inspired by the many art styles, from classical and surreal artist to traditional, neo-traditional, and realistic tattooing. The visual techniques created by the different mediums in my artwork have also influenced my tattoo designs pushing myself  to mimic what the different materials would look like as a tattoo. I love the challenge of creating custom designs that will be unique for each client no matter what style of art is asked to resemble. I focus on creating images and ideas but also adding the mood and feeling into them to make the art come alive.” Andrea Burg